The Single Non-Negotiable of a Strong Friendship

“A fabulous friendship multiplies the good in life.”  –Unknown

Life can be crazy. It can be overwhelming. Even downright cruel.

It can also be beautiful. Magical. Forgiving. And freaking amazing.

We have never been designed to walk this life alone. We were divinely created to experience this world with others in a rich, meaningful way. Every relationship serves a purpose.

Some people enter our lives for a season. They meet a need in us that only God understands. They may provide guidance or support when we need it most. Others challenge us far beyond the limits we’ve set for ourselves. They expose our weaknesses for all they’re worth. If we’re smart about it, we take the lesson and grow from it.

If we’re really lucky there may be a person, or select group of people, who’ve been a part of your journey for decades. Perhaps you met as children and experienced huge milestones together. You were lucky to transform into who you are today without losing sight of the friendship. Truth be told, you’ve both seen some serious shit go down in each other’s lives (and some pretty awesome shit too!) There is a unique vulnerability, an unspoken attraction of souls there. A delicate balance exists that only the two of you understand.

There are other special people in our lives we’ve met as adults. They help make the present a beautiful place to live.

In my own journey I’ve learned a good friend supports your biggest victories. They celebrate your path to self discovery. They truly love you for who you are, neurotic quirks and all. And… they call you out on your crap. This might be tough, but it’s crucial. A strong friendship means a healthy accountability, even in your ugliest moments.

It also means showing up. Speaking your truth. Owning your words. Saying sorry when it’s warranted.

Most of all, it’s about having fun. The red-face-deep-belly-laugh kind of fun. The tears-falling-while-hiccupping fun. It’s one of the best damn feelings in the world. And I believe that feeling is non-negotiable. If we can’t have a good time with those we love, we really have no purpose in this world.

It’s these incredible people on your team– your tribe– who make life more colorful. They make life not just good, but great. 

And that is simply… fabulous.







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