Spiritual Warfare: 4 Ways to Throw Satan the Middle Finger

It’s a door slammed. Lights out. Book closed.


There are few things more frustrating than when the wind suddenly blows out of your sails.

The big chance you wanted to take? Courage deflated.

That new project you were excited about? Creativity drained.

The gym workout you were dying to start? Energy wiped.

Hitting a wall sucks. It can be scary how quickly your mind can shift like that. Isn’t it crazy how one minute we can feel so passionate, so confident, and then suddenly like lightening we’re shot to the ground again. We feel defeated. We second guess ourselves. If you’re like me, you get ticked off.

Spiritual warfare has arrived, my friends. Whatever you believe… you can’t deny the dark cloud over your mind, the tightness in your body, and the change in demeanor that suddenly appeared. The guy in hell, the enemy if you will, wants nothing more than to rip you away from your goal and piss all over it. He wants to get so deeply in your head so he can infect you like a virus. Steal your dreams. Poke holes in your ability to make good, healthy decisions.

He wants to make you feel like you’ll never have the balls to go after what you want, and you don’t deserve it in the first place.

Here’s my advice. Throw Satan the middle finger and give this a shot.

1.) Pray your tail off.

I’m talking specifics. What exactly do you need today? And what exactly are you thankful for? Get those knees comfortable.

2.) Get outside of yourself.

Volunteer for an afternoon. Call a friend and get lost in their life for a bit. It’s amazing what good conversation and a little selflessness can do.

3.) Get your booty moving.

Gym time, baby. Or a good walk outside. My best conversations with The Big Man Upstairs are usually out in nature. Get a good sweat on and it will do wonders for your mind.

4.) Silence is golden.

I don’t know about you, but I want answers now. I want direction. I want security. And I want to complain when I don’t get it. Well, it’s time to zip it and listen. God can’t tell us what to do if we’re creating unnecessary noise in our lives.

When I feel stuck I also like to refer to this page by Joyce Meyer. I say these prayers almost daily when I feel the enemy sneak up on me.

Think of it this way…. If you’re caught in spiritual warfare, you’re doing something right! There’s a battle for your mind because you’re moving in the right direction.

Keep going. Because you’re a badass and can conquer anything.


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