Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dogs

The garage door opens and it begins. Bark! Shriek! Tale whip! Repeat!

I don’t know who’s more excited for the door to open, me or the dogs.

Let’s play! Lick. Paw to the face! Lick. Just another day in the “Jay” household.

You get this. Our pets aren’t animals, they’re family.

It always amazes my husband and I how we’re unconditionally loved by them. We have Sadie the “dingo” (more likely terrier) mix and Fritzy the boxer. They’re both rescues. Sadie was found at a trash dump in Texas and Fritzy on a dirt road in Las Vegas. And now they rule the house.

I swear, they each have a piece of my personality. Sadie can be a little quirky like me. Timid at times, a little cautious, perhaps anxious. But homegirl can play. Once she understands you know how to party, she’s all in. Fritzy is well… a boxer. She’s nuts in the best way possible. That pup fears absolutely nothing. She has no idea what personal space is and doesn’t care. It’s snuggle time all the time.

These sweet, albeit crazy, pups have taught me a lot. Apparently we humans take life a little too seriously and need to lighten up a bit. Here are the life lessons I’ve learned from my dogs.

1) Always show someone you love them

It’s not enough to say it, you’ve got to show it. I know I’m loved because multiple times a day I get attacked by kisses and sticky paws. The girls hog our bed, steal my blanket and jack my pillow. They just. Want to get. Closer. And I’m totally cool with it.

2) Happiness means keeping it simple

We really don’t need all kinds of “stuff” to make us happy. Really it just makes us broke and miserable. We should stick to the simple things in life. Love, health, and joy. Take Sadie for example. All she requires is a tennis ball and she’s happier than you and I any day of the week.

3) Forgive and forget

It looks like humans are the ones with a grudge problem. Fed the dog late? Didn’t give them the attention they deserved this week? No worries, your dog says, rub my belly. Wouldn’t life be so much better if we could let go of past hurts that quick? I’de say so.

4) Not everyone is your friend

Fritzy is obsessed with chasing (more like bitch slapping) pigeons. Sadie runs after kitties like you wouldn’t believe. Perhaps not everyone out there is meant to be our friend. We’re different animals, so to speak, and don’t always get along. If it doesn’t work, just make sure you’re not the one sparking the chase.

5) You know who in the room farted, and it’s ok

Sweet Lord. Anyone with a smashed-face dog knows right away who the culprit is. God she’s cute but damn she just ripped another one. Apply this to life in general. We’ve all got somethin’ so there’s no need to go pointing out someone else’s flaws.

Just remember, whoever smelt it dealt it.

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