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News Anchor Hit in Mouth with Baseball

It’s been an insanely painful yet hysterical last few days.

Blood, screaming, cursing, fast driving, needles, then laughter pretty much sums it up…

But I’ll start from the top.

Our four year old nephew had a baseball practice at a park near our home, so we grabbed the dogs and made our way to the field.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. The smell of the fresh blooms drifted through the air as young families gathered to enjoy the most of the afternoon sun.

My young niece and I played on the slide before the little slugger was up to bat. I kneeled down to her as we watched him take a few swings.

I thought to myself, we should probably move. If he hit a foul ball in the opposite direction we could get hit. As I leaned forward to balance myself up, I heard “look out!”


Holy mother $*@#!

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My Trip Through Food Allergy Hell

Milk Allergy

“Any place or state of torment or misery.”
“Extreme disorder or confusion; chaos.”
“The powers of evil.”*

Damn straight. Couldn’t have said it better than the good ‘ole dictionary.

After years of tests, doctors, more tests, sleepless nights, crippling stomach aches among other not-so-hot symptoms… I learned I’m highly allergic to cow’s milk. My doctor believes I’ve been this way my entire life but got much worse as an adult.

Initially I thought, no big deal. I rarely drink milk.  Well let me tell you my friends, that’s just the beginning. Cow’s milk is in freak-ing EVERYTHING.

Butter. Yogurt. Ice cream. Chocolate. Cheese (duh.) Cottage cheese (another duh.) Bread. Salad dressings. Crackers. Chips. Cereals. Muffins. Cookies. Protein bars.

It just takes a couple bites to create symptoms from hell.

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5 Top Mistakes Women Make At The Gym


Let’s be real.

No one likes the gym. No one. If you say you do, you’re lying.

Working out for a chick can be intimidating. Sometimes you’ve got sweaty, grunting dudes right next to you. Equipment can look a little intimidating. Plus there’s a creeper from time to time checking you out.

First off, props to you for getting your butt through the door. That’s awesome. You’re making a great decision for your health and mental well being.

That said, make the workout count. Don’t screw it up and slow down your progress by making one of these mistakes.

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3 Reasons Why You’re More Important Than Everyone Else

I love me

It’s the month of looove, my friends.

As a nation we’ll spend $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day candy, flowers and anything that sparkles, according to this Reuters report.

Not gonna lie, I eat it up. I love it when my husband gets me flowers (or heck, an edible arrangement!) Just a little stuffed bulldog with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups made me one happy chick.

But as fabulous as a new gift sounds, I can’t help but think about how important it is to also spend a little somethin’ somethin’ on ourselves.

I’m not just talking money. But time. Silence. Prayer. Effort.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in everything and everyone else in our lives. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to love YOU. Always look out for #1 (in a healthy way, of course!) Here’s why you’re more important than everyone else.

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