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The Story Behind Our Sweet Babe

The conversation started on a run, around mile 7. The sky was a bright orange, the mountains stained pink. I was training for a 24 hour triathlon relay. I was a hot, sweaty mess, but I was determined. One more mile to go. I drew in a deep breath and looked up.

I asked for guidance. I was dying for the next chapter, but was unclear what it would look like. What direction would my career go in? Would I have a child? What would happen over the next year?

What is my purpose?

I finally said, out loud, boldly: “I’m ready. Show me the way. I’ll be responsible with whatever you bless me with.”

Days later, I found out I was pregnant.

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Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dogs

The garage door opens and it begins. Bark! Shriek! Tale whip! Repeat!

I don’t know who’s more excited for the door to open, me or the dogs.

Let’s play! Lick. Paw to the face! Lick. Just another day in the “Jay” household.

You get this. Our pets aren’t animals, they’re family.

It always amazes my husband and I how we’re unconditionally loved by them. We have Sadie the “dingo” (more likely terrier) mix and Fritzy the boxer. They’re both rescues. Sadie was found at a trash dump in Texas and Fritzy on a dirt road in Las Vegas. And now they rule the house.

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The White-Knuckled Truth About Letting Go

Your heart is pounding. Chest is tight. Hands are shaking. Vision a little questionable.

You want to Hurl. This Person. Across. The Room.

Someone just pulled your trigger. Maybe they didn’t know it. Maybe they did it with a smile on their face.

The anger you feel in response can be monumental. Some wounds cut so dang deep the recovery seems impossible. Forget the mental exhaustion. You’re hurt, pissed off, and backed into a corner.

Whether it’s a family member, a friendship, or someone who plays a major role in your life… We all have one or two people who drive us I-N-S-A-N-E. There’s “I love you and you drive me nuts” insane and there’s “Your bad habits/toxicity/poor decision making/selfishness affects my life” insane. If you fall under the latter category you’ve got a decision to make.

Do you keep battling a ghost, or let it go and move on? 

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Let’s Get Honest About Domestic Violence: How Young it Really Starts

1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been victims of some sort of violence at the hands of their partners, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On an average day, 20,000 calls are made to domestic violence hotlines in this country, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports.

The numbers are mind blowing. What’s worse… We probably don’t even know the half of it. Many victims don’t come forward.

We’re in the middle of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it’s about damn time we push the conversation to the next level.

For the better part of the last year I’ve volunteered in a shelter for women and children who have left abusive homes. I’ve also interviewed survivors and put their stories on television. Rape, broken limbs, terrified children. The list goes on.

I’ve never felt so heartbroken and so angry in my life. 

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News Anchor Hit in Mouth with Baseball

It’s been an insanely painful yet hysterical last few days.

Blood, screaming, cursing, fast driving, needles, then laughter pretty much sums it up…

But I’ll start from the top.

Our four year old nephew had a baseball practice at a park near our home, so we grabbed the dogs and made our way to the field.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. The smell of the fresh blooms drifted through the air as young families gathered to enjoy the most of the afternoon sun.

My young niece and I played on the slide before the little slugger was up to bat. I kneeled down to her as we watched him take a few swings.

I thought to myself, we should probably move. If he hit a foul ball in the opposite direction we could get hit. As I leaned forward to balance myself up, I heard “look out!”


Holy mother $*@#!

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One Moment Changes Everything


A deep breath. Steady hands. Go.

Give up the steering wheel. Give up the microphone. Give up the noise.

And then suddenly, the light goes on.

It started as a flicker. Those little moments in life that start to steer you in a new direction. For me, it was a gut feeling that I was on the verge of change. Fundamental, core-shaking change.

Then the fear of the unknown creeps in. The light for new ideas and growth turns off… only to be turned on abruptly again a few days later.

Isn’t it funny how life takes us on such a long and twisted journey? One chapter dissolves to the next. Perhaps a problem, a character flaw, or a decision we made seems overwhelming in the moment. But then we turn the page and suddenly a solution or a new path is in front of us.

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