Everybody’s got a story.

I’m Stefanie Jay, an Emmy-winning television host and storyteller, world traveler, badass wife and soon-to-be Mama.

I’m passionate about good health, my two rescue pups and peanut butter.

My story goes like this.

I’ve worked in television for 12 years. I’ve interviewed celebrities, politicians and everyone in between. I’ve been nominated for four Regional Emmy Awards and won an Emmy Award with a great team. 

I am married to an incredible man and we have two rescue dogs and a Baby Boy on the way! We love to travel. LOVE. I also enjoy skiing, scuba diving, breaking a sweat and looking like a fool on the dance floor. 

Several years ago I had one hell of a wake up call. It transformed my thought process, faith, health and relationships. In recent years I’ve uprooted my life and watched my journey go places I never could have imagined.

I’ve learned some things in life aren’t black and white, self care is everything, and dammit, we truly can design a life we love. 

Thanks for being here.